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Welcome abroad! Our company is here to provide you best solutions when it comes to software & applications programming, SEO, web design and all other similar services related to building your reputation in digital world.
We do GUI interface as well. So if you’re in need for complete mobile app for your business of any kind, like messaging app (private call app) or even some mobile or desktop game we are here and ready to assist any of your needs!

If you’re interested in some of our services and want to hire us, go here and place your order right away, and we’ll be happy to satisfy any of your ideas!

Some of our works | Portfolio:

GPS Phone Tracker
This tool is built to find any cell phone location in the world using satellites signal which we managed to connect to work with this software. It’s made to work as a computer program and mobile app as well (iOS and Android .apk)
For those interested to test it and trace some mobile device visit its official site how to track a phone. You can install the app on your device, (Either computer or smartphone) and start finding your lost, stolen or someones cell phone.

Many Free WordPress Themes
As our contribution to help people all around the globe build their portals, websites and blogs we helped to make many popular WordPress themes you can find on its official site for free. Some of them are even advanced and professional looking which were planned to be premium at first place, but then we decided to share them for free as we already have many other work to do and now it makes us happy we decided. Sometimes you have to give something in return. 🙂

Our website 🙂
Simple but effective. Many small businesses asks sites like these to put information about their company there. If your business is not based on internet but offline, then a small site with some basic info, location map and a contact page is enough to be advertised online. We’ll make sure to design you some catchy logo to get in potential customers eyes and that’s it, you have your website to start being connected to people who browse online searching for their needs.

Recently we got a huge increase in requesting mobile business apps developing for customers. Because smartphones evolved a lot in last years, today almost every professional company requests their mobile app as well with website to be made from us in pack. And this especially refers to journalist and news related companies. Because of this we decided to employ one more member to our programming team who will work at developing programs and mobile applications (Apple iOS and Android APK(s) as well).

Interested in our service(s)? Hire us right now! We are looking forward to work with you!