Meet Our Team

C-Web team currently have three members who are obsessed with computing and technology for all of their life. Each of us is specialized with different aspects of this work. So let’s known a bit more about us to see with who you’ll be working with.

Founder, CEO & Market Expert
Although Mike is programmer as well, he’s doing it just in rare cases when we’re too busy with work. Mike’s main role is finding customers, replying to emails and doing all other marketing work to our company.

Code Master
Dennis is a pure example of geek. There is no program or code in the world which he can’t break or create. We believe that one day Dennis’s soul will leave his body and transfer itself into computer. Because he’s only out of his PC when he sleeps. And he barely even sleeps at all. That’s how high level of ‘geek’ he actually is.

Graphic & Web Designer
Ron’s job is to make everything look attractive and nice. He always aim for perfection so if you need web design, logo, apps design interface or any digital graphic work at all you can be sure everyone’s eyes will notice and praise it.