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When placing an order, try to be as much specific as you can and describe everything what you want to a small details. This will help us a lot to understand your needs and save us a lot time because it happens a lot when our first try work is not always satisfying with customers, especially when it’s about design (logo, overall look etc.)
So explain everything: Colors what you want and where, shape of site, meaning of your logo, with icon or without (Just text one), what icon… Everything what you imagine in your mind how you see it when it’s done explain it to us.

When it’s about creating apps, then explain us what is the apps main purpose, and then its inner sub-actions which needs to do.

Although we will discuss with the email about everything, it’s important to be specific and give us as much info as you can in first email because then we see if you’re serious about working with us and give us ‘skeleton’ information about the work.

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